Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Shock! At The Immoral Mardi Gras

There is a very true saying that it is a disgusting thought, the thought of your parents shagging. Well actually Prude is disgusted at the thought of ANYONE shagging but this includes parents too so it is the same thing.

Anyhow Prude has been away from blogging for a few days because she has been recovering from shock and indignation at something most disgusting. She will tell her tale. And she trusts her readers have been in the good care of Mr Jumbles while she has been recovering.

On the weekend a most immoral event was taking place - that of the Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras. Why oh Why do people who is already indulging in immoral acts need to flaunt them in our faces - they ought to be in their houses asamed of themselves thinking over their sins and repenting and trying to find the good path. Instead they dress up in bright costumes (sadly not penguin suits and collecting for charity) and jump about on floats and has loud music.

What is more disgusting is the government actually encourage this.

Well Prude does not.

Prude is going to protest, most loudly.

She is getting into her penguin suit and has her megaphone, and she is tottering down to the parade, her chastity belt rattling. Some drunken people say something about great costume but I ignores them for they is being sarcastic I think. Anyhow you should not pay attention to drunks.

I jumps into the parade and onto a tall float and start calling out.

"THIS IS AN IMMORAL DISPLAY! SEX IS A SIN!" Except I did not get that far because I looks out into the crowd and what do I see?


They is in the crowd of onlookers shouting and wacving sparklers and watching the floats! They is supporting this abomination!

If there is something worse than your parents shagging it is your parents supporting homosexuality!

I do not remember much more except a choking feeling and my head spinning and some bright lights. I think I fet like my head crashed. I tried to call out "Don't touch me sinners Chastity will prevail and I will be saved" but it came out like a gargle.

Anyhow I is now wearing lots of bandages.

All I can say is lucky I was wearing a strong penguin suit it broke my fall. Did I not say something about Autumn being a time for the Fall?

Penguin suits are useful, invest in one.


Meribah said...

Bwahahaha! Hope you didn't break your chastity belt. Those things can really pinch when they get dented! Anyway, being laid up will give you a chance to ponder the mysteries of the universe and how to NOT get into trouble...again. LOL

prude said...

I is pondering how I could have come from their gene pool.

I need to do a better job of raising my parents. That I think is the message Prude must spread.

Betty said...

crack up

prude said...

Unfortunately betty with the chastity belt and the accident it was "up the crack".