Friday, 9 February 2007

Two steps forward, one step back

You take two steps forward and one step back, I think the old saying goes. Hmmm. At least that is some progress but not as much as Prude would like. It is hardly noticeable, and often, not noticed at all.

Some time ago I met with my young hopeful Burger Boy. I had great hopes for him, as he gave up drinking and a wild blonde girl to be a better person. Or so I thought.

Now I see him chomping on a burger and I say, "How is your celibacy going young reformed man?"

"Oh it is YOU prude" he say. Thit is the way he usually greet me, I think it has become somewhat of a signature. He does not even look up from his burger.

"Want some burger, it has PENGUIN in it," he say.

"You are a disgusting immoral boy! Stop laughing, penguin burger is no laughing matter. Spit it out immediately. If I shall go insane and be locked up I shall say you is the one who done it!"

"Really?" He look up. "Hmmm, that is some motivation."

"I is stronger than that," I say primly. "How is your celibacy going bad Burger Boy?"

"It is gone. Long time ago. Didn't stick around for long." He laugh a lot. Then he get up from the table and walk off to ride his motorbike (I perceive he did not even wear a helmet which is very unsafe. It may also be a metaphor).

It take a long time to reform them. However I shall not stop trying.

He leave behind the bits of burger.

Is that what penguin meat really look like? It look very similar to a beef pattie.


Friendless said...

Good story Prude, please keep us up to date on your adventures with Burger Boy's meat.

prude said...

If I has to keep meeting up with Burger Boy (it is something of a chore) for the good of prudekind and the conversion of peoples to chastity, then I shall.


Such I have to endure. But it is worth it.