Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Penguin, Lettuce And Tomato

Someone is tormenting me.

I has been tormented by some person whose name I shall not dignify, but who follows me about and talks to me about turning the penguin into food. Penguin Sushi. Penguin Roasts. Penguin, Lettuce And Tomato Burgers. Penguin Kebabs.

It give a person with morals nightmares!

Mr Jumbles say:

It is tasteless.


Friendless said...

Penguin is not tasteless! It tastes like dolphin.

alexis said...

Prude, as you are undoubtedly aware, Penguin is the name of a very town on the Tasmanian coast, widely renowned for its boiled lollies and its local chastity regulations. My guess is that all the Penguin smallgoods are in fact *from* Penguin, rather than of *penguin*.

prude said...


It is a curse, I tell you.

While I was always hoping penguins would be worshipped it torment me that the name "Penguin Burger" and "Penguin Butcher" stir up such emotions in me. I cannot sleep well at night.

Someone rename the place, please. It is not good for prudey health. A good name such as "Chaste" would be good. Chaste Butcher would be music to one's moral ears.

And please stop sending me recipes for how to put a penguin in a blender and add vodka and lime.
I is feeling nauseous.

prude said...

You has eaten dolphins, friendless?

That is disgusting too.

While dolphins is not as intelligent or dignified as penguins they is not stupid either. They is quite good animals. If only they did stop their frolicking and splashing so much and spent a little more time in contemplation they would rise a notch more in my consideration ....

Hmmm, where was I.


Dolphin food is not something I like to envisage either.

poor dolphin.