Friday, 16 February 2007

The True Meaning Of Valentine's Day

What is the true meaning of Valentine's Day? It is TRUE LOVE. However often people's is not thinking about this at all. True love is very caring and altruistic. It is also very dignified. It is as I have said, like that you see when a penguin couple walk side by side. It is all back to the penguins. They are upright, splendid creatures. They do not fawn or giggle. They do not exchange lecherous glances. They is displaying commitment to one another, as a good penguin couple ought.

That is what true love is about.

Unfortunately I did an investigation into true love on Valentine's Day this year (2007 for the not well-adjusted or well-informed) and it seem the human population is not as far ahead in their thinking.

They buy expensive roses and chocolates for Valentine's day. That is not too bad. Prude actually is quite partial to a chocolate herself especially as one main ingredient of chocolate is milk. They is quite sweet and scrumptious. She is not proposing a ban on chocolates by any means.

However the sentiments that goes with them is not all that dignified. Nor is people's behaviour.

They go crazy after red roses. They get a whiff. They see a nicely wrapped bouquet or even a pack of not nicely wrapped bouquets and they go hungry like animals in heat and they rush towards stall sellers, pushing aside peoples i.e. myself and Mr Jumbles in a desperate effort to throw away hundreds of dollars on some wilting red flowers. Hundreds of dollars that could go to a penguin. It is a disgrace.

Then there is the chocolates, usually accompanied by a silly furry animal. Why is it this is a time of year furry animals seem to look stupider than usual? This is a floppy eared rather than perky eared, ragamuffin, disproportionate, sorry excuse for a bunny rabbit if I ever saw one. It is not dignified.

Speaking of dignity, how about the way some even go to treat household pets? We is supposed to be expressing love on this day, not humiliation.

And speaking of humiliation, is this really necessary? I think not. Show some dignity and communicate as normal loving adults. Yes on two separate chairs (each on a different chair I mean) at least two-three metres apart facing one another with hands by sides, good posture please. A modest and dignified pose for easy communication. Each speak in turn.


Friendless said...

Prude, are you implying you didn't get laid on Valentine's Day? Better luck next year. Scrabblette and I exchanged gifts, but nothing pink or made of chocolate.

prude said...

I is not implying it.

I is proudly proclaiming it.

Prude is very proud of CHASTITY!

Mr Jumbles say:

Good on you prude.
That is a good attitude,
Hey this rhyming
It has lots of zing
I am onto something.