Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Club Penguin

Penguins and Purity.

Penguins and Innocence.

The concepts is inextricably linked, and here is the proof of the penguin pudding.

Welcome to Club Penguin

Where you is safe from predators and mummies and daddies make sure no questionable types waddle about.

They say it is like a MySpace without the adults and sex and bullying and with the penguins. I mean, there is no disadvantages and much advantages. The people who created this chose the penguin symbol.

Now, was it a conscious decision?

The penguin stand for all that is good and pure, the defender of a website as Mr Jumbles ardently defends mine from fools and cruel beings, with a passion and nobility only he have. Oh, and I have.

Some of my detractors will say "Prude, it were a random choice. Just picked an animal. Any animal."

I will say it was not. Even if the choice were not deliberate it were subconscious because the knowledge that the penguin stand for the pure in our hearts is deep within our souls. Look for it. It is there. Join Club Penguin and bring out the penguin in yourself.

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