Thursday, 19 July 2007

Friends For Friendless

My very good blogger friend Friendless (hmmm?) posted recently that he missed the many pictures that used to pervade prudesmission. He complained that "Mr Jumbles just didn't do it for him any more." In light of that, I am now going to put up many pictures. They are from that enlightened website Club Penguin. I could think of nowhere else where you could meet happier and more jolly penguin friends.

I am thinking, these are very good and they certainly are making me feel tingly and happy.

Though I am still a big Mr Jumbles fan. What do you think Friendless? An improvement?

Rate your penguin. I rather like the treadmill penguin, and the dancing musical penguin - very graceful. I think it is important for penguins to be fit I rather fancied myself a dancing gymnastics prude at one stage, it is very good for one's body, a healthy and graceful sport until you fall over in mid-cartwheel backwards leap - hmmm hmm. That is a great putter-offer. It can scar one for life especially if the whole school is watching and your gym tunic ....

Oh prude has some dark skeletons in her closet.


Meribah said...

I like the one of the penguin walking the dog best, I think, but the others are nice too. :)

prude said...

I has missed you in your long absence staunch prudey friend Meribah.

Ahhh so you is an appreciator of dogs? Apart from some of their not so prudey sniffing their nether-whereabouts habits, they is quite goodly creatures. I wish them luck reaching the higher bar in life.

Friendless said...

Sorry Prude, I've been sick. Thank you for the penguin photos. I like penguins in bikinis, particularly ones with shaved feathers. Please see what you can do about that while I die miserable and lonely.

prude said...

Hmmm. I try for you friendless. I typed "penguins in bikinis with shaved feathers" in my Google search and it bring up the phrase "A shaved scrotum is a sign of responsibility"

I do not wish to ask too many personal questions Friendless.

Then my computer start coughing and it die for a little while, uttering a high pitch wail.

It must be the prudey setting.

prude said...

Oh by the way Friendless I found out an interesting fashion fact.

1. Not many if any penguins wear bikinis because penguins do not have breast protuberances very large to fill a bikini and;

2. Unlike teenage girls they do not pretend they do by wearing bikinis and stuffing them with socks and cotton wool balls etc. Also doing so would be rather impractical when the penguin goes diving I think. Soggy cotton wool balls is not a good look.

Perhaps you has to die miserable until you get another fetish or learn to appreciate a treadmill penguin?