Friday, 20 July 2007

Disney's Finding Nemo: Skating On Thin Ice

Finding Nemo I think is a good wholesome movie in many ways. It does not contain penguins but the fish in it are quite friendly creatures and as I say I am a penguin fan but this do not mean I do not appreciate other forms of wildlife. I am partial to a bit of fish. Indeed.

However, I is shocked to find out that Disney, that children's production company, that one who has brought to us such icons as the great Mickey Mouse, has decided to desecrate our great Barrier Reef movie with its Disney production, Finding Nemo: Disney On Ice Production.

It is with great sadness I show you some of the Disney On Ice production pictures.

Our great Nemo and Dory and other characters have been ruined. What were lovely innocent fish swimming in the sea have now been ridiculed. They has been made into costumes by skaters that have been modified for the sexual gratification of insensitive designers, I must say this is the only reasonable explanation I can come up with.

These suggestive protuberances!

The goggle eyes of a clownfish which protrude straight from the chest area! What more can I say that will convince you this is an extremely disgusting interpretation of an otherwise moral tale.

I hate to know how they show the sea cucumber.

I call on you to protest against this, and to protect your children from such filthy images. Children should not think of fish in this way.

I is truly horrified.


Friendless said...

Prude, even I can't see anything sexy in those costumes. Revealing maybe, in the way that dogs' clothes are revealing, but not titillating in the way that Elizabeth Hurley is titillating.

prude said...

Stop that titty word right there!

I knew these costumes brings out the worst in people.

Goggle eyes on frontal chest protuberances indeed.

GT said...

Completely off topic but I have blogrolled you and am trying to figure out what type of car you would be classed as Prude. I have assumed due to Prudely nature (how is BurgerBoy by the way?) that you would be a Toyota Prius. Light, fuel efficient and sensible without destroying the environment too much. Do you suggest anything else? Daewoo Matiz? 0.8 Litre engine. Very Prudely.

prude said...

Dear GT.

I has been thinking about a little car myself, but I has not been liking what I has been seeing.

Fuel efficient is very important. No big 4WDS for me.

Nothing quite satisfies me yet. And just like I has made my Prudey Costume when I was not satisfied with what was on the market, I must talk about my dream Prudemobile.

If only I was as efficient in Car Manufacturing as in sewing.