Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Meeting of Squawk

Mr Jumbles is walking down the streets of Sydney recently, asking people to donate to charity for penguins.

"Donate to save the penguins!" he is calling. But people is ignoring him, probably because he is not a hobo or doing hip-hop in the middle of a mall. It is a sad world where you must be either really stinky or an exhibitionist with bad clothes and music sense to get any money. It mean the worthy people is getting ignored all the times.

Then he is seeing a penguin ambling down the street towards him. No, it is not Prude in a penguin suit. It is a real penguin. Mr Jumbles is a smart penguin. He can tell the difference right away even though mine is a very good quality penguin suit.

This penguin is a vision of grey silken down and white, tipped in blue. It is a very noble and dignified colouring. He stop and say to her, "Excuse me, I see you is a penguin. So is I."

"Indeed," she say. "It is a pleasure to see you. There is not much penguin company in Sydney."

"No, indeed," say Mr Jumbles. "You is the first I has seen in many months."

"I is actually from Melbourne," she explain. "I moved to Sydney just recently."

"Oh," say Mr Jumbles. "May I introduce myself? I is Mr Jumbles."

"I is Squawk."

"Squawk? That is a fine and honorable name."

"It is," she reply demurely. "My mother was Squawk and my grandmother before her. We has a long ancestral line of Squawks. It has a great history of Squawks in our family. We is very proud of it."

Mr Jumbles is looking at this fine creature, she is obviously a noble and dignified lady.

"I is thinking ... perhaps you would like to meet a great friend of mine. Her name is Prude."

"I would be honoured, Mr Jumbles!"


Meribah said...

It's a beautiful thing when birds of a feather can flock together. :)

prude said...

And even better when penguins of a similar mood can together find Prude.

Ah yes. Another little visionary.

righteous said...

It's lucky for those penguins that there are no Killer Whales roaming the streets of Sydney.