Thursday, 22 November 2007

Tom Cruise: A Possible Prudism Convert?

Tom Cruise: whatever you might say about him, he have potential. I see him here doing the air motorcycle well that is what they call it. It is remarkably good dancing, though not extremely refined, but it show some potential in the arms and leg areas if you watch carefully.

He may well be a good candidate for teaching the Penguin Dance to. Watch him bop! I is interested in prying him off the Scientology muck and seeing if he will take on the mantle of Prudism. After all I think it may be much more worthy and I could use someone with his enthusiasm.

What's more, it seem he will do almost anything and try anything, so I thinks a chastity belt, a penguin suit and Prude activism will not be off-putting to him. He is not one to shy away from challenges. What has he to lose?

It is an interesting project to consider. If I can forgive him for Top Gun and Cocktail and move on.


Meribah said...

What has he to lose? Not his dignity, that's for sure. He lost THAT a long time ago! LOL
Yup, I think a little "Prude makeover" might just be certainly couldn't hurt!

prude said...

A little Prude makeover can help anyone a lot.

If anyone can make someone gain dignity or indignancy, I can. I thinks we may soon see a whole new Tom Cruise, waving little Penguin Banners and jumping on the sofa declaring his love for the Antarctic Animalia!

I love the idea!