Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Mr Jumbles Finds a Friend

Sydney is not a bad place to live, however it has one detriment in particular for Mr Jumbles. There is not many penguin friends here for him. If we were in Antarctica, he could have many familiar folk around, however here he has not as many associates. I thinks we should take the time to congratulate Mr Jumbles on his devotion to Prude's Mission - he has put his social ideology ahead of mere socialising. What a worthy penguin!

But it is always good to have compatriots and while Mr Jumbles and I has got along well it is good for him to meet another penguin. They can sit and trade penguin stories. And I is glad to say that recently Mr Jumbles has met a penguin, ambling about on the streets of Sydney. It is not a common place to find penguins, but life has its quirks.

I is glad to say that like most penguins she is a noble being. Grey-and-white in colour, with delicate pink feet, silken in body and a most noble and dignified penguin. I is glad to introduce her as the newest member of Prude's Mission.

Her name is Squawk.


Meribah said...

She's cute! I'm glad Mr. Jumbles has found a new friend. :)

prude said...

Thanks you, say Squawk.

Squawk know that life is not all about looks.

However being cute is not a bad thing!

alexis said...

You took a photo! Oh, Prude!

prude said...

Well, I is thinking it is a dignified photo.

She is not draped across a lounge in a diamante bikini with a fake tan.

Squawk is not that kind of girl.

But naturally I considered this carefully before taking a photo. It is always on my mind

Crude, rude and lewd or Prude? That is my question.