Wednesday, 23 January 2008

What Prude Did on Penguin Awareness Day

It was Penguin Awareness Day , on January Twentieth,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse,
That was until Prudey jumped up and got ready,
Put on her Penguin Suit (over chastity belt), and left the house.

Mr Jumbles was ready,
With Squawk our great friend,
And we celebrated this special day,
From beginning to end.

Yes, Penguin Awareness Day was on January Twentieth. It was a great day to learn much about penguins, to adopt a penguin, to spot a penguin, and to get in touch with your inner penguin. Naturally I sees Mr Jumbles and Squawk quite often - ok Mr Jumbles a tad more often however Squawk is fast growing a loyal and frequent companion. However on a special day like Penguin Awareness Day I went out of my way to see them in a special light. I naturally dressed up in my very best Penguin Suit.

We took out our Penguin Charity Tins and one thing we did early in the morning was a very interesting penguin dance routine which we had been working on as a trio. It involve some of the more complex and joyful penguin movements and I regard it as a work of art. It really let my inner penguin out, and perhaps you saw us, if you is from Sydney? Perhaps you is one of those nice peoples who gives us money for the Adopt a Penguin Program or the Penguin Humane Fund? I thinks you is a very good person, thank yous.

We then had a picnic in the park, to get more in touch with nature, and I had much deep and meaningful chatter with my penguin friends. You understand more what is going on in their penguin hearts then and I felt so in touch with penguin feelings then. I was so truly touched.

We told penguin tales all night and watched March of the Penguins DVD too. I tells you, it was a good day ... and a good night.


Meribah said...

Unfortunately, I did not know it was Penguin Awareness Day so I did nothing to celebrate it. **Hangs head in shame** However, I still like penguins and ducks, so that should count for something!

TimT said...

This post has made me more aware of penguins than I was before. For that, I thank you.

prude said...

Anyone who likes penguins and ducks means for something. Although there is no real need to duck because you likes a penguin. I is not going to hit you, and I doubt no right-minded person would.

You is welcome TimT. It is tit for tat as I must say I enjoy your puffin pix blog. Though I do not classify the Queen as a puffin. She is more huffin' than puffin I thinks in that pic.

Anything to promote Penguin Awareness!

Dysthymiac said...

I got penguin-awareness here.