Thursday, 7 February 2008

Lots of money for an 's'

I has read that a British travel company paid $1.2m for the letter 's' in its URL, that is, it wish to be known as "" instead of "" and paid $1.2m for the pleasure.

Now I must say that is a lot of cash. I has worked hard at charity collecting all my Prudey life and never has one person slipped a $1.2m note in my tin. They is not easy to come by.

But I sympathise wholeheartedly with the predicament of this travel company, I is often thinking to myself, it is not easy to get the URL or the email you wishes for. They is often gobbled up by someone whom I suspect is not so deserving.

For instance, when I was first setting up this site, my first wish for a URL was the word "prude". It seem to fit in very well with my identity. Then, it do seem, someone else take the URL! And they has not my Prudey stance. in fact their blog is filled with pictures of Pirates - now what has they to do with the great chasteness that true Prudes aspire to?

What's more there has been only a couple of rather vacuous posts and then it has been abandoned since 2004.

Ahh, what a waste for a potentially, beautifully, chaste name! I weep. The shame of it.

Then I looks at the URL

Again, taken! SOmething about Rocking on with The Prude, but otherwise empty.

Oh I is again mourning these good URLs, in a wasteland. Rock on with this The Prude? I thinks not.

So I try Oh the shame of it. Something I cannot understand at all I think it is in Spanish or something. Some funny language. Lots of pictures of people with clothes - thank goodness at least not naked and not much flesh-flashing - but not a penguin to be seen. Clearly could do with improvement.

So my top blog choices has been taken!

But naturally I must select another for Prude cannot let a this URL get in the way of her mission, and she do not have $1.2m.

I settles here, where you all knows me.

However, I feel the pain. I empathise. It is a world not always fair. But I must say after a year here I is very proud of PRUDESMISSION

And I did not have to pay a cent for my three s's!


R.H. said...


If not, don't blame me for modern thought.

prude said...

That may very well be Mission: Impossible, I thinks!