Thursday, 21 February 2008

Newsflash!!! Meakin Goes Pro-Penguin

I interrupt my broadcast of Romeo and Juliet to brings you all some fantastic breaking news.

It is about how Channel 7 News Chief Peter Meakin has found his love and devotion for the penguin . I is sure if he can, we all can. He do not seem the naturally soft and cuddly type. But wonders will never cease.

It is not a honourable story that got him there however - he has got a third drink driving conviction and instead of getting gaol, was ordered to do 250 hours of community service.

He has now decided to offer his services in public relations to a penguin preservation team at Manly Environment Centre.

Some anti-drinkers say he has got off lightly.

But if it help the penguins, at least some good come of it, I thinks. We cannot dismiss the good of it. Hopefully one day he will look into a penguin's eye and see the real meaning of life and never touch a drink again for he will see the dignity of the penguin and realise the noble cause of staying sober. That is what I is hoping anyhow.

He will helps the penguin, and the pengiun will helps him. That will truly be the full cycle of life, karma, nature, would it not?


R.H. said...

What? I thought you meant Penguin Books. I was expecting to see Zola's The Drunkard get re-issued.
He looks a proper pisspot to me, especially with his "The world done me wrong" expression, so typical of the true drunkard.

prude said...

I wouldn't mind if he went Pro-Penguin-Books either. I likes Penguin books too.

I has been thinking about a penguin book published by Penguin. It would be all about penguins with big penguin pictures, maybe shaped like a penguin too.

Meakin do not look very sober in that pic, I agree, but perhaps a good dose of honorable charity work shall sort him out. I hope. At least he did not offer his services to bartending. Or winetasting.

R.H. said...

I've seen wine tasting, what a joke, they sniff around it like they're gonna piss in it.
Real blokes don't drink wine, not since it stopped being plonk anyway.

prude said...

Ahh, R.H., was that you I heard of who was advocating urinal sniffing classes? And what an ... interesting ideas that was!

Well, winetasting is quite an absurd idea, especially the taste and spit option, but at least I thinks it is a good thing they is not contemplating pissing in it and THEN tasting.

We can be thankful for our small mercies.

I is not sure about real blokes, But a real prude drink a hearty milky drink - I do, anyhow.

Cheers to a lovely glass over here!

Mmmm - how satisfying.

Creamy, too!