Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Adopt A King Penguin!

Now what does the man to the right have to do with penguin saving, you ask? He is most obviously being shown some penguins, so there must be some CORRELATION. And if you is thinking that then you is right. That man is actually Prince Andrew, and he is in the photo starting a scheme for adopting King Penguins. This was some years ago, but still is of utmost relevance today. Even more so as the more scarce penguins get the more they need tender care and protection.

This is done through Falklands Conservation, and I hereby note them as a worthy charity. Any charity in fact that save penguins is notable. Now there is many incentives to adopting peguins, such as a certificate and photo of the penguin and report of it etc etc.

However most of all we should do it because it is RIGHT. That is the reason for adoption of all penguins. You know the truth.

I urge you to adopt a penguin See the penguin adoption website at There is also good books on penguins at this site.


Friendless said...

That chick on the left is hot!

prude said...

If I were not a stronger character I would be very near despair with you, friendless.

Do you never give your hormones a rest?

Friendless said...

Which photo did you think I was looking at? I was just upset about that poor little penguin, standing out there in the sun. Prude, surely you can do something to provide cooling for penguins? The world looks to you!

Town Bike said...

So prude, do you like random casual sex with strangers?