Saturday, 9 December 2006

Important First Words On Sex

In the world there is too much sex. It is disgusting. It is immoral.

People, they is thinking of sex all the time, unlike prude, who only thinks of sex when she is thinking of not thinking of sex, or thinking how bad sex is, which is allowed.

Now some has said to me “prude sex is important because well we would not be here without sex” well I say to them that is not the point. Fools. They do not understand LOGIC which is what I is explaining with.

Peoples nowadays they do naughty things like what they call “picking up” or “one night stands” or going to bars and clubs being very flirty they is thinking about one thing and one thing only and it is not the right thing. Or they do even worse things but prude is too pure to even contemplate them let alone mention them. Hmmm. It pains her to have to write this now but she realises it is essential to create awareness for the good of others. So they may be armed and aware.

Sex is for having children not for flaunting. I thinks I make myself very clear.

I call on people in the world to take a stance, legs closed til marriage. That is how it should be.


Regular SATC Blogger said...

Can't we meet half way and say legs closed til love found?

prude said...

Now this is showing the immorality of today's people and why prude must endeavour to improve and convert them.

When you has TRUE LOVE you will get married. but some unenlightened people (such as these fools at SATC) thinks they has found love and they can go round having sex before marriage.

Like this blogger they say 'halfway'.

But has I not made myself clear; take your lesson from the penguin. There is no halfway. Everything is black and white with the penguin!

Emily said...

Try not referencing yourself in the third person; or "But has I not..." It doesn't make sense and you sound like your three which only proves that you have no idea what you are talking about. The peinguins and the baby talk are there only to serve the stupidity of this blog.

prude said...

I has no idea what you is speaking of Emily. Not make sense? Prudey do not thinks you has a very good understanding of the good Prudey way; fortunately she thinks there is hopes for you.

Prudey do thinks it is somewhat strange for a person who writes "your three" instead of "you're three" to be complaining that the language of the blog do not make sense and is too stupid and childish!

And you is misspelling "penguins" as "peinguins" too!