Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Little Britain Be-Littles Sanctity Of Marriage

Now, I has never approved of that show they dare call a 'comedy' on TV, that's right that is called 'Little Britain' I mean it is quite disgusting and undignified. It show things such as vomit and homosexual jokes as wit and that is not funny in fact it is quite against my sensibilities.

But now it is more outrageous than ever, it goes against all the things a good MORAL society hold dear. A cast member called Matt Lucas 'married' another member of the same sex ho hum well we know what this is called the partner was called Kevin McGee but well what it is mainly called is disgusting filthy and awful. People from the same sex should not have strong feelings about each other! If they do they should not be allowed! It make a mockery of the healthy feelings a man and woman have for each other I mean loving people it is not natural unless it is the proper way.

You know the truth.

What is even more disgusting is that they dress up in frivolous costume, bright colours etc etc to celebrate their marriage. See the photo one is in an Ali Baba costume and the other as Prince Charming I mean who on Earth do they think they are dressing in bright colours on a wedding day? It is undignified.

Any fool know you should dress in sedate colours on your wedding day. It is a solemn occasion. It is the rule.

Such people who is loud and frolicksome on such celebratory days belittle it for everybody else. I is outraged and upset at this scandalous display.


Discipline's Disciple said...

Only attractive homosexuals should have sex. And it should be videotaped for the gratifications of the uggers.

Friendless said...

I agree Prude, I'm offended too. Why couldn't they just show two hot chicks having a one night stand? They could have made their point about homosexuality without annoying anybody.

righteous said...

Prude, someone has to love short, fat, bald blokes, and if women won't, well you can't blame a SFUB for seeking love where he can find it, can you? After all there is never enough love to go around.

Wait a minute - I'm on my way to being a SFUB myself. Quel horreur - does that mean I will have to turn to man love?

righteous said...

Hmmm - maybe that pic of the 'friendless' guy doesn't look too bad.

Friendless said...

Not Friendless enough for that, mate!