Saturday, 23 December 2006

Beer Facts About Drinking At Christmas

Now it is Christmas time (soon) and this is meant to be the jolly season. Unfortunately it is not so jolly for us all. This does not mean prude does not like Christmas. Indeed she think it quite nice, she is not averse to the good mood Christmas brings, she is a happy creature and she like to tap her toes to a nice Christmas carol or three.

And naturally this is a very good time to adopt a penguin for your friends as a Christmas present. Christmas put people in a generous mood and that is a good thing, I think.

However the not so jolly part I mean is when there is something immoral going on, that is I fear called DRUNKEN REVELRY. At Christmas some people feel the need to imbibe much alcoholic substance but prude can tell you this is not good.

For one thing at Christmas the road toll go up, this is because people drink lots of beer and wine and say silly things like "'Tis the season to be jolly!" in fact it is not so jolly being knocked over by a car. However this is not something they contemplate too much as they is not very far-sighted like prude, who is a GREAT THINKER.

Anyhow drinking alcohol should be against the law because it make people undignified. I mean they do silly things like wear underpants on their head, or tell knock-knock jokes to their boss while wearing reindeer antlers. This is not something people do when sober I think. And dignity is very important to prude.

Prude advocates a healthy glass of milk (its whiteness symbolises purity). That should stop you naughty people from doing things you regret in the morning.

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Friendless said...

That reminds me:

There once was a barmaid named Gail
On whose chest were the prices of ale
And on her behind
For the sake of the blind
Was exactly the same, but in Braille.