Monday, 11 December 2006

Happy Feet

Some people has scorned my strong mission to convert the world to a love of penguins, but you see I is not on a hopeless mission. Recently the movie world has shown penguins to be stars, showing popularity has risen for my beloved penguin. And I is not talking about Danny De Vito ‘The Penguin’ in Batman, but penguins with more dignity to them.

For instance there was ‘March Of The Penguins’ which is a great spectacular movie choice. Now there is the new movie ‘Happy Feet’. It is a MORAL tale and it has EMPEROR penguins in it, what more could a movie want? What’s more it has dancing penguins. I am very much a fan of the penguin dance.
This movie will be opening nationally after Christmas i.e. December 26th this year. Mark it in your diaries, I have.


Friendless said...

I agree Prude, I have got to see that movie! Brittany Murphy's voice is just *so* sexy. My emperor penguin will certainly be tapping his feet!

prude said...

friendless - i is wishing to convert people to watch penguin movies but why do my minions always think of sexsexsex???

that is not the purpose of watching such a wholesome movie! What is the world coming to?

it seems one penguin foot forward, two penguin steps back on the road to enlightenment ...

Apsaras said...


If you do end up watching the movie, don't miss Memphis and Norma Jean practising Penguin Kama Sutra!

I is not understanding what this hullaballoo are all about. I meen they is already having a continent of their own and also taking over Optus, so why do we need them to take ova the world with merchandised replicants of theirselves? Oh yes, I hear they two is getting more and more into this same-sex thing that are getting as fashionable in the New York Zoo as the Penguin Waddle are with my nieces.