Thursday, 14 December 2006

The Beginning Of Prude's Mission

Now chastity is best as we all know. It rid the mind of evil thoughts. And prude is very vigilant and determined in her mission, which is of course how this blog came to be created.

But was this prude’s first attempt at converting the evil? Surely not, and if this is what you are thinking, you are right. Prude and prudes not quite as prudish as the real prude has been around since before blogs. And even before this blog prude has been recruiting her subjects from cyberspace. For instance on the blog Sam and the City which is a certain immoral blog full of people talking about sex etc etc but through which muck prude was forced to wade in order to save the drowning, prude was successful to some extent in making some see the error of their ways. She considers this a great triumph. Though perhaps it shall be some time when full redemption takes place after all while prude is a powerful woman she is working against forces of evil here. Even in the fairytales they take time for the good effects to take over.

So where has prude been?

One of her earlier missions was to start a society against UNCHASTE THOUGHTS.

This was to be called Prudes United Association.

It was quite catchy I think.

However a rather belligerent man of the name Neil Strauss
come to me and say, "Prude, i has that acronym PUA and it mean Pick-Up Artist".

Well I am not one to be bullied by such men, for I has a purpose in life. However I would not want my association to be connected with such an unchaste entity as his Game which has much to do with casual sex and that is immoral.

So I decide to go on PRUDE'S MISSION. No one objected to those initials at all.

For many years it has been a long and tiring journey. Some would say lonely but when you have for comfort your integrity and your intelligence as I do then you are not lonely much. However I am forever on the search for other prudes, not for companionship (however much this would be pleasant, I do not shun companionship) but because I know what would be good for them.

Join Prude's Mission. You will not regret it


Friendless said...

Prude, did you know you can rent penguins?

What's your opinion on that?

TimT said...

Same on you, Friendless. A penguin is for life, not just for Christmas, and definitely not for dinner. I thought you would have known that.

On another matter, it is a good thing you didn't start up a Prude Only Organisation, because then it's name would have been POO.