Sunday, 17 December 2006

It Does Matter if You Are Black And White

Now someone sent me these song lyrics from what is apparently an old song from a has-been called Michael Jackson. It is from 1991 when he was famous and it is called 'Black Or White' .

Now Michael Jackson is going on in this song about how it "don't matter if you are black or white" which is a little strange since it matter to him quite a bit since he bleached his face and he try to be white. Not that it work too well, now he just look scary.

Some of the people who has read my blog (those who is virtuously pursuing the path to redemption, good peoples that they are) , are a bit confused by this. For prude has been talking about the black and whitedness of the penguin and how it does matter and how important it is.

Let me make myself clear.

It does not matter so much if you is black OR white, but it matter a great deal if you are black AND white, as opposed to not being black and white, so to speak (like a penguin).

And this song clearly has nothing to do with prude's mission for prude would not deign to mention something so disgusting as a "Saturday bang". She is pure.


Anyway why would you take anything Michael Jackson say seriously he has a high squeaky voice and he look like a clown. It is undignified.

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