Sunday, 10 December 2006

Natural Nobility Of The Blue-Blooded Penguin

Some people has asked me, often, "Why, prude, do you so often refer to the majesty of penguins?" Well of course I could use some other adjective as i is not like some fools who is short of vocabulary. In fact I is very adept with words and such, and cannot tolerate those who is slow in that area.

However "majesty" is very apt for the penguin as they are indeed royal creatures. In fact while the lion is often referred to as the king of the jungle that is just egotism on its part its roar is bigger than its bite i fear. The penguin has INNATE majesty, and this is what gives it real splendour to behold. We bow down before it, often. Here is a penguin:

It is difficult to imagine a creature more sublime in creation, with more natural dignity. See its posture. And no wonder it is referred to as KING PENGUIN, yes you say humans were instinctively giving it royal reference. We cannot help it. It is because of its majesty. Next penguin:

Now here is a creature worthy of a crown and many curtsies and much courtesy etc It is called EMPEROR penguin - yes, yet another reference to royalty. See we cannot help it. When it comes to penguins nothing but royal terms is good enough for them. They has NOBILITY running through them. Of course some scorn me and sends me pictures like this:

And accompany it with childish words such as "Hey fat undignified penguin haha on you prude" but any fool can see this is not a true penguin. It is someone's moulded image of a penguin though not moulded in its true image AS YOU CAN SEE. I dismiss these immature people and concentrate on the matter at hand.

Not only should we save penguins but we should be vigilant and set ourselves against those who degrade and humiliate these spectacular beings. I urge you to boycott any fat penguin objects like the one to the left.

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