Monday, 18 December 2006

The Immoral Bikini

Summer is upon us and to many this mean one thing - swimming and swimsuits. Actually that is two things but they is related.

Now prude does not object to a bit of a swim. In fact it is good exercise. I mean even the penguin has a bit of a dabble of the toes now and then. And keeping fit and healthy is a good thing, healthy body, healthy mind.

However unfortunately around this time of year many people use BATHING SUITS as an excuse to flaunt their bodies and show lots of flesh. They wear tight bathers in a way to appeal to SEXUALITY. This is disgusting and immoral. This is no longer exercise it is a spectacle for perverts. And it should be strongly disapproved of.

Look to the far right. This is a very immoral swimsuit! And not just because it is a very bright red in an obvioius bid to attract men's attention tut tut. It is also because it has not much material and show lots of flesh see the stomach and lots of thigh and even cleavage in fact don't lool be prudent and do not look at something so obscene.
That type of suit is called the bikini and its blatant show-off factor is very unnecessary.
The purple suit to its left is what is known as the one-piece swimsuit. Well the woman wearing it is a little more moral I think than the woman in red she is covered up a bit more it seem she may be seeking the path to morality which is a good thing. However it is not quite to prude's taste as it do show a bit too much flesh note the high cut swimsuit showing a bit too much thigh for my taste.
Now prude realises swim suits need to be suitable for swimming and summer so cannot be as loose and cover all over as normal clothes do MORE IS THE PITY however this does not mean dressing like a hussy. There are suits to be approved of. I think you know what I mean. That is a modest suit. It cover thebody, and as much leg as possible. I think you know what I mean.


Friendless said...

Prude, can you please send me the email address of that chick in the bikini? Before my girlfriend gets back?

Friendless said...

BTW Prude, this blog was made for you:

prude said...

friendless, no wonder you is friendless.

I is thinking of emailing your girlfriend about your immoral behaviour. Then when she gets back you will see the back of her!

And you can change your name to "girlfriendless"!

Oz_1788 said...

How is it that you sound like Ali G?

TimT said...

Prude, that's not very nice! I thought nasty comments were immoral.

sculptedbeachhunk said...
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