Sunday, 31 December 2006

Give The Kiss A Miss

The New Year is a time of many good things. For instance, it is in with the new and out with the old. And many people I feel has old habits they ought to get rid of.

Prude is a widely travelled personage who has sadly seen too many of these disgusting filthy bad habits and feels the Earth could do with a revamp.

What is not very understandable is why, on the Eve of the New Year, when we is supposed to be welcoming in all the New, we insist on clinging to some old and unhealthy BAD habits.

I mean for instance drinking lots of alcohol and worst of all, kissing complete strangers.

When the clock strikes midnight, for some reasoin drunken party-goers immodestly run about smooching each other and sometimes people completely unknown to them and it is immodets as well as unhealthy. I mean, it is a way of passing on germs. Prude is actully being not only morally outraged but scienifically and medically outraged. There are no good effects whatsoever. If you wish to show your appreciation of the moment (and do not have the foresight to do so in writing) a curtsy or nod of the head is the best way to avoid bodily contact. I suppose those who know each other well may shake each others' hands (which may be disinfected soon after to get rid of harmful germs). Or better still, wear gloves.

Even if the kiss were not harmful medically, what sort of moral message does such behviour send to people in general? That we are rampant liberal sexual beings ready to give to any and every? I do not think it portray a flattering picture of human beings, it portray a degenerate one. I mean, we know what the New Year kiss may lead to ....


and anything can go from there. It make my mind fill with horrors.

As New Year, approaches, for the sake of society's health, give the New Year kiss a miss.


Anonymous said...

Prude, you absolutely crack me up, have you seen Happy Feet yet? :-)

Happy moral New Year. Alas I was a big tart and pashed my boyfriend all New Year's Eve. And yes it led to much hugging.

Haven't seen you on SATC, come back, I miss your posts.

- Lexa

Friendless said...

I agree, kissing at New Year is bad. People should be having oral sex at such a significant moment.

Also, you should fix up your typos. I am orthographically outraged!

prude said...

friendless, the only oral encounters I shall be having with you that shall be significant should be:

1. To orally i.e. verbally instruct you of your moral duties to human and penguin-kind. I fear that having read some of your comments (and if that pictorial representation is of yourself) it shall be from some distance.

2. To wash your digusting mouth out with soap naughty boy.

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you has started upon the right track.